Saturday Fixtures

Draws and Ladder Results

To access the draws and ladder results for the season please click below:

Draws 7yrs - Senior

Ladder 11yrs - Senio

2024 Season Information

NettyClub Affiliation for the 2024 are now open 

Click on the link here to register your club to be part of the 2024

INA 2023 fixtures will be held from April - September and will include: NetSetGo 5yrs-10yrs, Juniors 11yrs - 14yrs and Seniors. 

INA is excited to introduce a Junior Mixed Comp to the Saturday Fixtures for 2024.

For dates and costs of the 2024 Season click here.  

Finals Information

Players Qualifications for Finals

  • A player is ONLY eligible to participate in finals (which includes, the semi-final, preliminary final and grand final) where they have played five (5) fixture games for their registered team. 
  • The club must ensure the player is notified they are ineligible to play in the finals series. 
  • Any appeals to these requirements need to be submitted in writing to INAMT before the final series commences. 
  • Playing up during finals is permitted, however the player playing up must have satisfied the above requirements and all relevant rules associated with ‘playing up’ apply. 

Penalty - Any team competing in a final that includes a player who has not played five (5) fixture games for their registered team will automatically and immediately forfeit that game. The non offending team will be awarded a win via a forfeit. 

Finals Series Fixtures  

  • Semi-finals for Saturday fixtures shall be drawn by 1 versus 2 and 3 versus 4. The loser of 3 and 4 will be removed from the finals. 
  • Preliminary finals shall be drawn by the loser of 1 versus 2 and the winner of 3 versus 4. 
  • Grand finals will be the winner of 1 versus 2 (semi-final) and winner of the preliminary final. 

Finals – Timing of Games 

  • All games are individually timed for the final series. 
  • A representative from the teams playing finals on each court will be responsible for the collection and signing out of a stopwatch from the office and ensure its immediate return to the office at the completion of the game. 
  • Clubs must ensure that timers are aware of the task and what they need to do. 
  • Timers must sit or stand in the scores box and work under the control of umpires. They are not permitted to walk away from the court. 
  • The game shall consist of four (4) quarters of 15 minutes each, with an interval of three (3) minutes between the first – second and third – fourth quarters. The half time interval shall be three (3) minutes. 
  • Timers will be required to hold time for injuries/blood when requested by the umpire.

Finals - Tied Games 

  • Procedure for extra time where a winner is required, if the score is even at full time, there shall be a two (2) minute interval at the end of full time before the game continues into extra time. 
  • Extra time shall consist of two (2) halves of seven (7) minutes each, with an interval of one (1) minute at halftime; Teams shall change ends at halftime. 
  • The Centre Pass is taken by the team entitled to the next Centre Pass. 
  • During both of these intervals, substitutions and/or team changes may be made. 
  • During extra time, normal injury or illness procedures shall apply. However, during the entire extra time: 
• the first stoppage for each team shall be up to two (2) minutes and 
• each subsequent stoppage for each team shall not exceed thirty (30) seconds. 
  • In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, a visual signal shall be used to indicate that play shall continue until one team has a two (2) goal advantage. 

Finals Presentations 

  • Presentation of medals will be after each round of games played or as advised by INAMT prior to grand final day. 
  • Each team will receive ten (10) medals.


  • All spectators are to remain in the spare courts beside the court finals are being planed on.
  • No seating or stand at the end of the each court between the goal lines.
  • Only the Scorers and Timekeeper are to seating in the scorers box in the normal spectators area. 

For more information about the Final Series refer to the Competitions and Rules Guidelines.
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