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Club Rosters and Allocations

TypeNameRevisionDate Uploaded
RosterCourt Security and Clean Up Duty1 Mar 2024
Training Club Training Night Allocations3Apr 2024
AllocationsStand by Umpiring Allocations 1Mar 2024

Club Toolkits and Guides

Ipswich Netball 

Season Information 

Saturday Fixtures Club Volunteers Inductions

Umpiring Convenor Handbook

Reporting an Incident

Netball Queensland 

Information and Guides for using Netball Connect click here. 

Netball Queensland Member Toolbox click here

Allocating Umpires click here.

Scores Guide click here.

Court Booking

Bookings for INA Club using the court for training - Click here 

Club Affilliation Form

Click the link here to register for INA Club Affiliation. Reminder all forms must be completed by 31 December 2024. 

Starting a new Club: Guide

  1. Call a meeting with potential members to assess the need for the club. Discuss the formation of it considering the   following questions:

      • will your club meet a need in the community?
      • do you have enough support, volunteers and members to run the club?
      • agree on a name for the club
      • establish an interim committee.
2. Create a constitution (otherwise known as rules) to govern how the club will run. The model rules supplied by the Office of Fair Trading provide a template for developing a set of club-specific rules.

3. Call the first annual general meeting (AGM). At this meeting, you will need to:

  • agree on and adopt the constitution
  • agree if to be to incorporate (clubs must have at least seven members to incorporate)
  • elect a management committee in accordance with the constitution
  • keep the minutes as an official record. Download our best practice checklist for use in the preparation of an AGM

4. Register and receive an Australian Business Number (ABN).

5. Create bank accounts in line with Office of Fair Training Regulations. Accounts must:

  • be in the name of your club
  • be kept in a Queensland branch of your chosen financial institution
  • require at least two signatories to access funds.

6. Create email, social media account, websites.

7. Register with INA by filling in the affiliation form and seek approval on club uniform (uniforms must not clash with current club uniform clubs and design).

8. Set up Netball Connect and Stripe accounts once affiliated with INA.

9. Set up Get Started Voucher. 

Starting a new club – Incorporation

An incorporated association is a legally separate body. It has the same powers, benefits and responsibilities as a person.

For example, an incorporated association can, in its own name:

  • own property
  • sign contracts
  • appear in court.

An incorporated association is legally separate from its members. This means that:

  • the management committee makes decisions for the association
  • the association becomes legally liable for these decisions
  • individuals on the committee who act in good faith, within the law and in the best interests of the association are usually not personally liable.

Your incorporated association must:

  • comply with the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 and the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999
  • review its financial affairs every year
  • lodge copies of your constitution, annual returns and financial statements with the Office of Fair Trading.

The Queensland government has useful information about how to set up and run an incorporated association.

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