INA History

Netball in the Ipswich area started in 1925, teams were formed from Ipswich and their surroundings districts and competed against each other. Clubs include: Blue Birds (Raceview), Excelsior (Bundamaba), Bush Rates (Dinmore) Australs (Saddlers Crossing), Waratah (North Ipswich) and Hibernia’s (Ipswich) and Snowdrops (Blackstone). Most teams had their own home court and teams would travel to a different venue each Saturday for fixtures. It wasn't until 1960 when INA made the move to Limestone Park and Ipswich Netball Assoicaiton was established. 

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Netball  Ipswich  Flyers  Logo

The first Ipswich Flyers were established in 1994, where INA entered them into the Netball Queensland State League Comp. 

Celebrating 30yrs of the Flyers

Flyers -  Leading the way

In 2024 Ipswich Netball Association will celebrate 30yrs of the Ipswich Flyers. This year the Flyers will be leading the way in the traditional Green, Purple & White Ipswich Netball Dress. 

Coach Jason Coles is energized by his team and particularly excited that previous Flyers player Selena Hirsch, has retuned to play and will be joined in the shooting circle by none other than her daughter Sienna Linnan.

Coach: Jason Coles 

Manager: Fiona Riley 

2024 Flyers: Selena Hirsch, Sienna Linnan, Alice Ferrando, Adrianne Greenhalgh, Lauren Atkin, Tegan Ward, Bridget Cumming, Rayna Verrenkamp, Chloe Roberts, Susan Tullouch, Kelsee Haynes, Kayla Garret

Training Partner: Jess Hamer

Life Members

  • Tricia Stackpoole
  • Doris Howes 
  • Peg Richards
  • Beryl Lyne
  • Ellen Davidson
  • Vi McMahon
  • Gail Lyne
  • Desley Eleison
  • Nancy Beutel
  • Deyarne Dale
  • Del Farquhar
  • Sandra Newton
  • Deborah Vandenberg
  • Patricia McInally
  • Margaret Page
  • Janella Page
  • Deb Bailey
  • Kaye Suthers
  • Janis Price
  • Sharon Beauclerc
  • Amanda Price
  • Robyn Eastwell

The Netball complex at Limestone Park is named the Doris Howe complex in her honour and the Meeting Room and equipment Building are named in Beryls honour.

Honoray Members

  • Gloria Winks
  • Pam Lobley
  • Carolyn Freeman
  • Faye Ison

Ellen Davidson

Ellen Davidson (aged 94 years) a long serving member of Ipswich Netball passed away peacefully on Friday night 30th April 2010. Ellen played basketball (renamed netball in the 1970’s) when she was a youngster and when her children were old enough she encouraged them to play Netball.

Ellen served on various committees in her 20 years as a tireless worker for Ipswich Netball during the late sixties, seventies and eighties. Ellen was always one of the first people to get to the courts on a Saturday to make sure all was in order for the day’s fixtures and one of the last to go home, she loved netball and the school children and would always be thee for Friday school netball fixtures. It was a family affair with husband Ron always there supporting Ellen and his daughters and netball.

Ellen worked with other long time life members such as Dorris Howe’s, Peg Richards and Beryl Lyne. In those days they only played a winter season on a Saturday and preseason there was always grass to be mowed, side line pegs to be found and finally courts to be white line marked. Ellen would always be there doing what ever jobs there was to be done. She would never miss a carnival and would be there as a manager and scorer for the representative teams when they would battling it out between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Ellen would always bring enough food to feed the whole team. When Ipswich would host the carnivals Ellen would be running between her much loved spot behind the canteen counter and running to the sideline to scoring for her daughter Wendy’s rep team. Ellen’s daughter Wendy began to excel at umpiring and attained her A grade badge and Ellen was there supporting her and blowing the whistle in the background.

Ellen loved netball it was in her geans and when she got the chance she would put up her hand and play in exhibition matches on opening days when the mothers played the daughters in a fun but serious game. Ellen received her Life Membership to Ipswich Netball in 1979. Thank-you Ellen for assisting in laying the foundations of what Ipswich Netball is today. Ellen Davidson we salute you “Ipswich Netball Association”

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