INA Rep Carnival


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Date and Time

Ipswich Netball Association will be hosting a Rep Twilight Carnival.  

  • Date – Saturday 9 March 2024
  • Game Time – 2.30pm till 7.30pm
  • Presentation – 7:45pm

Games will be two 12 minutes halves with a 2 minute break at half time and 4 minutes between games.


Games will be played on the hour and half hour with a total of 10 rounds for the day.


  • Registrations are open, click the link to nominate now
  • Registrations must be completed by the 11 February 2024 (unless we reach capcity sooner).
  • Cost to register a team is $130.
  • Teams must provide a team manager to manage games in Netball Connect (ie: score games).


INA will be offering both Junior and Senior Rep Teams, maximum of 6 Teams per division: 

  • 12 Years (born 2012)
  • 13 Years (born 2011)
  • 14 Years (born 2010)
  • 15 Years (born 2009)
  • 16 Years (born 2008)
  • 18 Years (born 2006-2007)


  • Umpire your own game.
  • All teams must supply their own umpire, your umpire will umpire when you play.
  • The supplied umpire must be of suitable standard to umpire that level of game.
  • In the event of the following:

-   No Show Umpire – failure to supply an umpire on any game; the team who fails to supply an umpire will be responsible for providing a suitable replacement umpire, this may result in a player being removed from the playing team (at that round/time slot) to undertake the umpiring duty.

-   Unsuitable Umpire – failure to provide a suitable umpire; will result in the team obtaining an alternative umpire that is deemed suitable by the INA Umpire Convenor (or INA Management Team).

  • Once an umpire commences a game, that umpire may only be replaced if injured, ill or is unable to continue safely as per the AANA Rules and Guidelines.
  • ONLY the captain may approach the umpire at an interval or after the game for clarification of a rule (and not to provide their opinion).


  • All scoring will be done via the Netball Connect App.
  • Please ensure your association has provided manager details to INA prior to the carnival.
  • Each scorer will also need to have added the competition to their profile in the App to be allocated scoring duties by the manager. 
  • If there are any technical difficulties, please see Games Counter.
  • The home team will be responsible for scoring on the Netball Connect App.
  • Both teams are to provide a scorer for the game.
  • Scorers must remain together during the game and within the scorers’ box painted on the ground along the sideline of each court.
  • INA will allocate points for games as follows:

-   Winning Team = 2 (two) points

-   Losing Team = 0 (zero) points

-   Tied Games = 1 (one) point per team

-   Teams that have a Bye = 0 (zero) points

Rolling Subs

  • Teams are permitted to use rolling subs during the games.
  • All rolling subs must be undertaken within/near the scorers’ box which is painted on the ground along the sideline of each court.


  • Winners and Runners up will be based on the Netball Connect app ‘Ladders’ via the points system.
  • Presentation of medals will commence after the last round has been completed.
  • Each team will receive 10 medals.

Rules and Polices

  • INA policies will be abided by all persons that attend and participate at the Twilight Carnival.
  • Twilight carnival abides by the Official Rules of Netball as governed by Netball Australia.

Injury Time

NO injury time will be added to the playing time. Any stoppages in play for injury/blood will be at the discretion of the umpires. The injured player (if possible) should be substituted within 30 seconds to allow play to continue.

First Aid / Medical Emergency / Ice

First aid officers will be located First Aid Room (new building). If you need an Ambulance, please see one of our admin team for us to call. NO ice will be available to purchase on the day so please bring enough.

Set Up and Pack Down

There is a dedicated player only tent area. Please click here to be allocated a space. (Opening December)

Setup is available from 1pm. If an association representative checks in at the game counter upon arrival, they will be directed to the space at this time if you are unsure of where to go.

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